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The best mix. Period.

Protein powder, supplements, eggs, fruits, iced coffee – whatever you throw at our electric shaker bottles, they can handle it. No lumps, no clumps. Always. High-performance motors and revolutionary X-Blade Vortex Mixing Technology give you the smoothest and most nutritional protein shakes. 

Choose the best electric shaker bottle for you:

  • ORIGINAL is our battery-operated electric mixer, designed to power your potential wherever you go. 
  • The PRO Electric Shaker Bottle is USB rechargeable and has a long-lasting battery with typically more than 90 mixes per charge. Based on 15-second mixing cycles. The integrated airtight nutritional storage NUTRiPOD keeps your protein powder fresh and ready for mixing. The PRO is also available in Stainless Steel Trim.
  • CHARGE is both a rechargeable electric shaker bottle and a 1400mAh portable power bank. Use it to charge your phone, headphones, and other devices. You never have to worry about “low battery” moments again.

Why PROMiXX electric shaker bottles?

We use higher-grade materials to make our stylish and ergonomically designed electric shaker bottles. Here are a few reasons why they’re the best:

  • Superior mixing: There’s a reason why PROMiXX is the number one choice among health and fitness enthusiasts - our bottles give the best mix with Vortex Mixing and X-Blade technologies. 
  • Superior materials: Odor-resistant. Stain-resistant. BPA-free. Our bottles redefine “high quality”.
  • Easy to use: With the click of a button you get the smoothest shakes.
  • Easy to clean: They may not be dishwasher safe, but it takes less than a minute to get them clean and fresh and ready to go. 
  • Durable: Built to last, with Halo Drop protection for all those “uh oh” moments. The CHARGE is constructed out of incredibly durable Tritan. 
  • Portable: Leak-proof guaranteed. Where will you take yours?
  • Versatile: Our bottles are more than just protein shakers. Use them for pre-workout drinks, cocktails, meal replacement smoothies, or even as water bottles.

We’ve got you covered. All of our electric shaker bottles come with a free 1-year warranty.

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