Tim Chase

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Fitness Model and PT
After finishing his degree in sports and exercise science, Tim Chase became a qualified PT and went on to compete in various fitness model competitions around the world.
With years of experience under his belt, he teamed up with his girlfriend (now wife!) to start Chase Perfection, a fitness and health planning consultancy. Over the years, Tim has worked hard to help countless clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Key Achievements:
  • WUP – UKUP Pro Show (May) – Overall Model Winner, 1st Male Model >80kg, 1st Athletic Men’s Physique (2018)
  • UKUP (May) – 1st Male Model >80kg Model, 1st Athletic Men’s Physique (2018)
  • BodyPower Model Search (May) – 2nd Male Model (2018)
  • UKUP (October) – Overall Male Winner, 1st Male Model >80kg, 1st Athletic Men’s Physique, Best Abs (2017)

Q. What is your ‘go to’ exercise?

These are my 'go to' exercises for each body part:

Quads - Hack Squat: I am a big fan of targeting the quads with a hack squat machine. I find I get a great activation throughout the whole of my quads, without the need for numerous warm up set and mobilisations.

Hamstrings - Lying Leg Curl: Having suffered a hamstring tear a few years back I really struggle to generate much power through my right hamstring. I find that this exercise allows me to target this weak area without me being able to cheat and swing the weight up using my lower back or glutes.

Calves - Calf Press on a Leg Press Machine: Almost every gym will have a leg press, so this is always a staple of my calf training no matter where I am.

Chest - Incline Smith Machine Press: I often train on my own, so this machine allows me to lift reasonably heavy without the need for a spotter. Plus setting the bench to an incline allows me to target my weaker upper chest area.

Back - Wide Grip Lat Pulldown: My focus for my back workouts is on the width of my back and find I can really target this using strict from and a wide grip on a lat pulldown machine.

Shoulders - DB Lateral Raise: I have recently started competing in Men's Physique and the physiques with the wider shoulders and smaller waists tend to be preferred. Now I can't exactly shrink my waist, but I can add width to my shoulders and this is definitely my favourite exercise for this.

Triceps - Rope Pushdown: Very easy set up with maximal stimulation on my triceps!

Biceps - Incline DB Curl: Lying face up on a bench set to a 45 degree incline and performing dumbbell curls allows me to work the biceps whilst they are both lengthened and at their weakest. I find this is a great exercise for targeting the biceps and prevents any cheat reps.

Q. What is your cardio exercise of choice and why?

I'm a massive fan of High Intensity Interval Training which I often perform on the static bike. I find I can give maximum effort without any risk of injury and unlike other forms of cardio I only want to give up because I'm actually exhausted and not because I've got a sore calf or a stitch etc

Q. Who has influenced and inspired you within the fitness industry?

Top fitness models such as Rob Riches, Greg Plitt and Steve Cook were the guys who got me originally interested in the fitness industry.

Q. If you could offer readers one piece of ‘body transformation’ advice what would it be?

Be consistent. There is no magic answer, special program or superfood diet that is going to give you the transformation you want overnight or over 7 days. Make sensible choices and changes to your training, nutrition and lifestyle, and be consistent. Then you can actually monitor if what you are doing is working or not and make changes as and when needed.

Q. What exercises do you avoid and why?

It has to be squats and not because I dislike them as an exercise, but for me the negatives outweigh the benefits. This is due to me having a leg length and hip height difference of 18mm, which means when I squat with a heavy bar on my back the weight is not spread evenly across my body. In the past this has led to lower back issues, hip issues and a lot of physic sessions.

Q. Finish the sentence For the best abs…….

Assuming that your body fat level is low enough to see your abs then my favourite exercise has to be a reverse crunch. Focus on using predominantly your lower abs to move your thighs towards your torso and finish by lifting your hips just off the ground. I prefer to use a slower tempo, such as 2 seconds to perform each rep to ensure your abs are staying fully engaged throughout.

Q.Whats the one bit of advice you could give someone looking to enter a competition for the first time?

Get a coach to work closely with you as you prep for a competition and after the competition. Take your time to select not only the best coach for you, but the best coach for the category and federation you are wanting to compete in. The best coaches will focus on keeping you healthy throughout prep and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

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