Artic White PROMiXX Original Protein Shaker
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Best Saker I've ever had/see
By Mark
Love this product, use it everyday in my gym bag for both my pre work out and post workout shakes. Mixes everything super fine, never any sticky gunk in the the bottom = no protein waste.

Mixes powder and water superbly
By Swampyajc
I was skeptical about this as I take 45g of Whey Protein and 20g of Vitargo straight after my workout. This PROMiXX actually mixes it all up straight away with no lumps! Which I am really impressed with.

Great Protein Shaker
By AE M.
Absolutely the best shaker I have ever owned and I have been a gym goer for many years.

Fast delivery - does the job
By Customer
Used it for the first time with my new plant protein and it worked wonder. Really  pleased as it's a handy little machine. Does exactly what it says on the box! Good buy
  • Slick high gloss finish and smooth ergonomic design
  • Detachable 9,000RPM motor (2xAAA batteries)
  • A micronutrient preserving specially designed X-Shape blade 
  • 100% Watertight seal to prevent leakage 
  • 600ml capacity 
  • 100% BPA & DEHP free plastic 
  • Entirely safe for dishwashers

The Artic White protein shaker is a seriously stylish product. White is a very on trend colour and it finished off the PROMiXX Original shaker perfectly. But, let’s not get hooked up on how sexy it looks because what you want to know is – does it deliver on performance and the answer is – yes it does!

With a detachable battery powered 9,000RPM motor the vortex mixer has the power and precision to protect supplement integrity while delivering a smooth shake. The lump free protein shaker every trainer dreams about is here! It has a leak proof bottle and cap to avoid any spillages in your gym bag as well.

Why choose the Artic White protein shaker? It takes all the hassle out of mixing your shakes and keeps you fuelled throughout your training. It can handle all of those protein powders, pre, intra and post-workout formulas, diet and meal replacement shakes, creatine, and BCAAs, with ease.

Perfect for:

  • Powdered nutritional supplements (60g capacity)
  • Instantiated and non-instantised protein powders
  • Pre, intra and post-workout formulas
  • Diet and meal replacement shakes
  • A world of every-day food and beverages
  • Cocktails, juices, instant soup, eggs, milkshakes and baby formula


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