Shake Fresh Protein Shaker Cleaner

How to remove bad smells from shaker cups, bottles, or any general food containers? Simple! Add a splash of Shake Fresh with some hot water... shake it up inside your protein container... rinse... job done!

Now you can recover your food and drinks containers from hideous odors, with a simple dash of Shake Fresh. 

Bad smelling protein shakers are now a thing of the past, with the natural biodegradable formula of Shake Fresh. The 4oz bottle will give you up to 20 uses, to reclaim your containers from stale smells that cannot be removed with regular detergents.

Shake your food and drinks containers back to life in a few seconds with PROMiXX® Shake Fresh

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Totally obsessed with the new @promixxmixer iX-R rechargeable vortex mixer. No shaking, no lumps and no leaks! Perfect for protein shakes, pre, intra and post workouts, juices, baby formulas and even scrambled eggs. 👌🏼🙌🏼


Love my new Promixx IX-R!!!! Never again shall I have a lumpy shake 😁


PROMiXX is definitely the Worlds #1 Protein Shaker Bottle!

Olga Karavayeva

I have been able to go up to 2weeks using the bottle twice per day, without having to charge the battery. Great product!

Wesley T

Not just for protein shakes 😋 I use my promixx for my official BCAA’s too 🍇 Best invention ever! Just hit the button and whizz it up whenever and wherever baby 🌪

Pollyanna Isabella

Such a good mixer you don’t get any lumps it’s so smooth! I use mine for bcaa’s and protein shakes, so useful 👏🏼I love it!


The most convenient on the go mixer!! If you haven’t tried @promixxmixer yet get yourself one!! Great for mixing up your post workout shake while you are at the gym. 👌🏼




Alexa Bliss - WWE Raw Champion

I am constantly training or in the gym. My PROMiXX is such a nifty invention for mixing my shakes. So Quick. So Smooth and never leaks!

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