8 Week Body Transformation

Daniel Ventura
The 8-week body transformation plan designed to make you the leanest, strongest version of yourselves. These workouts, designed by WBFF UK Champion, Daniel Ventura, are all about tough sessions, split days to max out muscle growth and shred fat.

Big Chest Workout

Day One

Big Leg Workout

Day Two

Big Shoulder Workout

Day Four

Killer Arm Workout

Day Five

Ultimate Back Workout

Day Six

Ripped Abs Workout

Perform this this quick abs circuit 3 - 4 times a week to achieve the ripped abs physique.

Muscle Building Supplements

Find out what muscle building supplements are key to WBFF Pro Champion, Daniel Ventura, in the run up to his WBFF fitness model competitions.

These are his personal muscle building supplementation plan, with timings, quantities and frequencies.