The Ketogenic Diet

Daniel Ventura

WBFF Pro Daniel Ventura Living The Keto Lifestyle

With a collection of Keto videos produced over the years at PROMiXX HQ.
Daniel Ventura discusses the benefits of the Keto lifestyle, including tips, tricks and even a beginners guide to Keto

Keto Fast Food

How do you stay in Ketosis when eating fast food?

Daniel Ventura provides Keto tips when ordering fast food, proving the Ketogenic lifestyle can be flexible enough to include cheat meals.

Keto For Beginners (Part One)

Daniel talks us through what Ketosis is and how to take the first few steps beginners can take to start on the ketogenic diet

Keto for beginners (part two)

In the second part Daniel discusses everything from body types, fasting and alcohol and it's impact on Ketones.

Start Keto & Stay in Ketosis

Top tips on why you might consider the Keto diet, what to expect when going into Ketosis, and how to maintain the Keto lifestyle longterm

8 Biggest Keto Mistakes

Learn some of the mistakes made on the keto diet. from too many calories to supplementation and more (8 in fact)

Keto Coffee

Daniel take us through how to make the morning coffee into a Keto friendly bullet proof coffee

Ketogenic Diet

The original and most popular video from Daniel discusses how to maintain muscle mass whilst on the Ketogenic diet