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OCT 13, 2023

Get Rid of Bat Wings with These 5 Moves

Discover the reasons behind 'bat wings' and the importance of arm toning for both appearance and overall health. Dive into the arm anatomy!

"Bat wings" is a term that strikes fear into so many people on their fitness journey. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with what we’re talking about, bat wings are the section of flabby skin that hangs beneath your upper arms. So how do we combat them? Understanding the anatomy of our arms and the role of regular exercise can shed light on this pressing issue. Furthermore, toning our arms is more than just a cosmetic aspiration. There are benefits that lift our overall health and body functionality. So let’s get straight into it.

What are bat wings?

When we talk about 'bat wings' we’re not talking superheroes, Halloween decorations or flying creatures ‘cause in the realm of fitness, it means one thing and one thing only - sagging skin on the underbelly of our arms. What causes it? Well, a few things. It can be a result of factors such as weight loss, aging, upper arm fat, or a lack of toning exercises.

See, as the body accumulates fat, certain areas, like the triceps, tend to store this fat in excess. And without adequate physical activity and strength training, the muscle in this area weakens, resulting in the appearance of "bat wings."

The Importance of Targeted Arm Exercises

It should come as no surprise to hear that our arms are an intricate blend of various muscles, such as the biceps, triceps, forearms, and shoulders. And each muscle plays a pivotal role in the movement as well as the appearance of your arms. So, to achieve a balanced and toned appearance, it’s essential to exercise all of these muscle groups with equal power.

How targeted exercises improve tone and strength

Isolating specific muscle groups during a workout ensures each one benefits from the required tension and resistance. This approach boosts muscle growth and cuts through the stored fat, revealing a toned structure beneath.

Exercise Guidelines for Best Results

To gain the best results, try to follow these guidelines.

The role of consistency

Like any physical undertaking, consistency is the key to eliminating bat wings. Whereas a sporadic approach will result in diminished returns. For really impressive results, you should stick to a regular routine.

Combining strength training with cardio

While strength training targets specific muscles, cardiovascular activities like jogging, swimming, biking, or aerobic exercises facilitate overall weight loss, making the toning process more visible and effective.

Importance of proper form and technique

Proper form ensures that the right muscles are engaged during each movement. Remember, misaligned techniques can not only be ineffective but potentially lead to injury.

Top 5 Exercises For Bat Wings

1. Tricep Dips

Benefits of Tricep Dips: Tricep dips are a great exercise to target those flabby bat wings on your arms. By focusing on the triceps, this workout helps strengthen and tone, giving your arms a firmer look.

Proper form and technique:

  1. Begin with your hands shoulder-width apart on a bench.
  2. Position your feet in front of you, keeping your body close to the bench.
  3. Lower your hips towards the ground by bending your elbows, then push yourself up to the starting position.

Common mistakes to avoid:

  • Not going low enough
  • Placing hands too far apart
  • Locking elbows at the top of the movement

2. Push-Ups

Variations to Target Arm Flab: Traditional pushups serve as a solid foundation, but when specifically targeting the bat wing area, the diamond pushup (wherein your hands are positioned close together under the chest) amplifies the tension on the triceps.

How to progress or modify:

The benefits of compound movements:

  • Pushups, being compound movements, engage a myriad of muscles.

  • This enhances the arms and strengthens the chest, core, and shoulders, providing a comprehensive workout.

3. Tricep Kickbacks

Benefits of Isolation Exercises: Isolation exercises focus on a specific muscle group. For the tricep kickbacks, it's the triceps. This targeted tension ensures that the muscle is extensively worked on.

Ensuring safety and effectiveness:

  1. Start by grasping a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Lean forward slightly from the hips, keeping your back neutral.
  3. With your elbows held close to your body, extend the dumbbell backward, fully straightening the arm, and then slowly return.

Incorporating weights for added resistance: The incorporation of weights amplifies the resistance on the muscle, promoting enhanced muscle growth and toning.

4. Bicep Curls

The Role of Biceps in Arm Toning: While the triceps often dominate the limelight in discussions about bat wings, a well-sculpted bicep is crucial for a balanced overall toned arm appearance.

Dumbbell versus barbell curls:

  • Dumbbells offer a more extensive range of motion and individual arm focus

  • Barbells can be useful for lifting heavier loads and ensuring symmetrical strength development.

Maintaining balance in arm muscle development:

A well-shaped arm requires both the biceps and triceps to be equally toned and developed.
This balance ensures an aesthetic appearance and optimal arm functionality.

5. Skull Crushers

Why They Target Bat Wings: Despite the semi-misleading name, skull crushers are instrumental in battling bat wings. This is because this exercise provides intense, focused tension on the triceps, ensuring growth and toning.

Proper form to maximize benefits:

  • Lie flat on a bench, clutching a barbell or two dumbbells overhead.
  • Bend at the elbows, bringing the weight towards your forehead, then push back to the starting position.
  • The movement should be fluid, with an emphasis on the triceps.

Adjusting weight and repetitions:

  • Initiate with lighter weights, ensuring your form is impeccable.
  • Gradually, as you build strength, you can increase both the weight and repetitions.

Complementary Activities to Boost Results

Cardio exercises for bat wings and overall fat loss:

  • Engaging in cardio activities like swimming, biking, or aerobics complements strength training.

  • Boosting metabolism.

  • Fostering fat reduction across the body.

Stretching for flexibility and recovery: Stretching post exercise aids in maintaining flexibility, facilitates muscle recovery and minimizes injury risks.

Nutritional guidelines to support muscle growth: Consuming a protein-rich diet is pivotal. Additionally, adequate hydration and essential nutrients, like Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, play a role in muscle recovery and growth.


Sculpting your arms and eliminating bat wings goes beyond mere looks; it puts you on a path to better wellbeing and renewed self-assurance. With determination, understanding, and the correct regimen, reshaping your arms mirrors a broader dedication to health and vitality. Take on the endeavor, overcome each challenge, put in the effort, and the benefits will start to show.

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Written by Matthew Stogdon

Matt has been writing for two decades, across print and digital media. He is also an accomplished filmmaker, with several accolades under his belt.

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