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JUN 5, 2024

Celebrating World Environment Day with PROMiXX: Our Commitment to a Greener Planet

Learn all about how we’re helping create a brighter, greener future for us all, with innovative designs and superior materials.

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Every year on June 5th, people around the globe come together to celebrate World Environment Day. And no doubt you’ll hear a lot from companies saying they’re doing their bit to reduce pollution and preserve our natural resources through collective action - ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. And we’re no different.

At PROMiXX, we take our environmental responsibility seriously. Our commitment to sustainability is woven into the fabric of our business, and we're constantly striving to make a positive impact on the environment. So, as we mark World Environment Day together, let's take a closer look at how we're contributing to a greener, more sustainable world. And how, by buying our products, you are too!

The Importance of World Environment Day

Bit of a history lesson for you. World Environment Day was established by the United Nations in 1972, and is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach. Its whole reason for being is to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. Naturally, we want to be a part of that.

PROMiXX: Pioneering Sustainability in Fitness Technology

In addition to creating the best fitness drinkware, we make sure we do so responsibly. Here's how we're doing our part:

Sustainable Materials

We believe that quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Our products are designed to be durable, ensuring they have a long lifespan and don't end up in landfills prematurely. What’s more, we prioritize using the best materials (such as ECOZEN) wherever possible, reducing the environmental footprint of our products from the get-go.

Case in point, our signature shakers are built with BPA-free materials. BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical found in many plastics that can be harmful to both human health and the environment. So, by eliminating BPA from our products, we're making a safer choice for our customers and the planet.

Waste Reduction

One of the biggest environmental challenges is waste. That’s why we strive to reduce waste at every stage of our product's life cycle. From product to packaging, we're thinking about how to minimize waste and encourage recycling.

Looking Forward: Our Vision for the Future

World Environment Day is a great opportunity to remind us all that we each have a role to play in protecting our planet. Whether it's through small daily actions or larger community efforts, every bit helps. And here at PROMiXX, we're committed to doing our part.

So, by choosing PROMiXX products, you're not just investing in your own health and fitness, you're also helping to erode the grand total of disposable bottles and cheaply made shakers that end up in landfill every year!

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Written by Matthew Stogdon

Matt has been writing for two decades, across print and digital media. He is also an accomplished filmmaker, with several accolades under his belt.


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