Our Journey To Carbon Neutrality.


PROMiXX is developing a new category of performance nutrition hardware. Our mission is to help others unlock peak performance and optimal health through cutting edge technologies and beautiful design.  But inspiring others through innovation is only part of our mandate: 


We strive to create better products in a better way.


We believe that environmental impact shouldn’t be an afterthought. That’s why it’s in our foundations:


We exist to inspire healthier lives through innovative solutions.


Pursuing the perfect juxtaposition of form and function. Our products are effortless and intuitive.


Creating products with purpose, designed for daily use and constructed with materials that will last for many years.


Using our platform and community to help educate others on the principles and benefits of making healthy lifestyle choices. 

And to show just how serious we are: in July 2020, PROMiXX achieved Carbon Neutral Accreditation.

We’re not perfect – yet. Our mission is progress; our promise is transparency. We are committed to learning and continue to research materials and processes as we progress along our path to a more environmental and socially responsible future.


Our Carbon Footprint is of huge importance and focus to us, and our approach is to measure, reduce and offset. We measure the emissions generated from our day-to-day business activities.This is the first step in informing our decisions on smarter operations, as well as raising staff engagement around emissions reductions.


We make fully informed decisions across all scopes of our business to reduce our footprint:


  • We design our products through the lens of quality and durability to improve their lifecycle.
  • We optimize the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging.
  • We prioritize greener transportation and logistics
– moving products by ocean at every opportunity.


Until we figure out how to operate at zero emissions, we’re offsetting our footprint through investment in a portfolio of international carbon reduction projects – from clean energy and education, to reforestation and biodiversity initiatives


Achieving Carbon neutral status starts with a trusted third party to identify emissions and hold us accountable. We have partnered with Carbon Footprint Standard to bring a trusted, independent method to our carbon management – from assessment, to carbon reductions and carbon neutrality.


Carbon Footprint Ltd is a founding member of the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting. The QAS continues to give confidence to businesses and individuals that the calculation methodology being used has been independently verified and the offset project meets the highest standards available in the offsetting industry. In addition, the scheme includes an audit process to verify that offset providers are following this standard and fulfilling the full offsetting obligations for their customers.


We won’t stop at achieving Carbon Neutrality.


PROMiXX has joined forces with One Tree Planted as a Reforestation Partner – our first step towards becoming Carbon Negative. Through this partnership, we donate a portion of revenues towards supporting global reforestation projects. Why? Because we like this planet and we want to keep it. And because trees are kinda cool – they help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and support over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.


Not all plastics are created equal. From the lifecycle of the product, through to the energy consumed through manufacturing, there are many considerations in the assessment of what makes a good candidate for a sustainable product material. Quality, durability, and purpose are all crucial in creating a more sustainable product.


Ever wondered why you can’t get the smell out of your conventional shaker bottle? It’s because conventional shaker bottles are made of a very cheap plastic called Polypropylene (PP). PET is strong and flexible, but it scratches easily, retains odours and stains quickly – severely diminishing its lifespan.


PROMiXX utilise materials that are fit for purpose and built to last, and we’re always researching new technologies, materials and processes to see where
we can improve.


And by our estimates, we have saved over 3 million PP shaker bottles from landfill.


An ethical approach. We have spent years sourcing the best manufacturing partners we can find and have dedicated members of the PROMiXX team on hand at each facility. We hold our partner facilities to high standards – from fair wages and benefits, to healthy environment and culture – so we can be confident we are not only building the best products, but we are doing so ethically, with full traceability.


Designed with integrity. Built to last.


Did you know that many consumer products have purposely designed lifespans? Why? So you have to buy another one. This isn’t how we like to do things...


We practice what we preach: employing only the best materials, components and workmanship in every PROMiXX product. The result? Better performance, for longer - and a cleaner planet.