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Embarking on a journey of transformation, we set out to revolutionize the mixer and shaker bottle landscape, by turning inefficiency into remarkable solutions.

It all started when PROMiXX founder, Joe Faulkner-Edwards – seasoned athlete and health and fitness journalist – learned how nutrition impacts performance. Not only on the track, but in everyday life too.

But Joe did more than empathize with customer dissatisfaction, he made it his mission to fix it. Because a premium solution to preparing and mixing supplements was needed to help build healthy habits and create lasting change.

Tackling the problem head on, he analyzed where industry-standard products were failing, and developed a better solution. It wasn’t easy and didn’t happen overnight but once he made his discovery, it was surprising that no one else had thought of it before.

Our Vortex Mixing Technology was born and became a literal gamechanger.

But that was merely the start. What other aspects could be analyzed, overhauled and improved? Joe brought on designer Matt Blofeld and before long, PROMiXX was reaching new heights.

Thanks to their considered design, beautiful aesthetic and premium functionality, our shaker bottles and mixers allowed more people to optimize their health and performance. All thanks to better experiences with the food and health supplements in their daily routine.

With further research, we soon realized there were other areas that were underserving customers. Sparking our desire to improve and excel. Which is why we’re always looking ahead, constantly searching for new ways to refine and innovate. For us, good enough isn’t good enough.

Through methodical thinking and a passion for excellence, we've redefined what it means to mix and shake with efficiency and style.



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