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The best way to fuel your passion. Our classic and electric protein shaker bottles are made from superior materials and industry-leading technology – so you get the most out of your health foods and supplements. Always. Achieve the exceptional with PROMiXX.



5 products

5 products

Which is the best protein shaker bottle for you?

Promixx protein shaker bottles are designed to help you – anytime, anywhere. They’re sleek, ergonomic, leak-proof, and impact-resistant. They also give you the best mixing experience out there. Whether you’re an athlete or not, they empower you to test your limits.

Classic protein shaker bottles

The quietest protein shaker bottle you’ll find. The revolutionary snap-fit agitator guarantees smooth shakes every time, without the racket of a rattling metal ball. Join the silent revolution with our classic protein shaker bottles:

The PURSUIT ECOZEN is made from eco-friendly materials and is FDA approved – no stains, no odors, just smooth shakes and rich nutritional boosts every time.

The PURSUIT INSULATED is made from stainless steel with dual wall vacuum insulation that keeps your drink fresh and cool, no matter what.

Electric protein shaker bottles

Power, redefined. Our electric protein shaker bottles combine revolutionary vortex mixing technology with high-performance motors – to give you the fastest, smoothest shakes at the touch of a button. And Halo drop protection technology keeps your shaker bottle safe to help you unlock your potential, no matter life’s hard knocks.

Power on with the ORIGINAL. X-Blade technology preserves micronutrient integrity for a smooth, nutritional shake that keeps you going.

Powerful, portable, and dynamic, the PRO Electric Shaker Bottle is USB-C rechargeable to give you that extra juice to break boundaries.

The ultimate electric protein shaker bottle, the CHARGE keeps your devices, and you, powered – wherever the day takes you.

Safe, eco-friendly protein shaker bottles

We use environmentally friendly materials that are Phthalate and BPA free to make our shaker bottles safe to use. They’re FDA approved, easy to clean, and stain free and odor free.

As a Carbon Neutral Organization, we recognize the importance of working towards a better future, which is why we work with One Tree Planted to protect forests around the world.

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