PROMiXX® iX-R Rechargeable Vortex Mixer / Shaker Bottle Silver Stainless Steel Trim

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Rechargeable Electric Vortex Mixer - Silver Stainless Steel Trim + Pacific Blue 
The Most Advanced Protein Shaker Bottle in the World!
No More Lumps - No More Leaks - No More Shaking! 
The No.1 Shaker Bottle Choice for Professional Athletes #ProsUsePROMiXX 

The latest evolution of the game-changing PROMiXX mixer, the iX-R is a lithium-ion, high-powered vortex mixer and the world's most advanced electric mixer bottle. A sleek and stylish design, finished with a stainless steel trim with Pacific Blue details and the genius of the scientifically-engineered, blunt blade. This is a 'must-have' gadget for all health and fitness enthusiasts. 100% Leakproof Guarantee!

Great for; Protein Shakes, Pre-workout, BCAA's, Meal Replacement Powders, Scrambled eggs, Pancake mix, Baby Formula, or even mixing cocktails

  • USB Charging Cable - Gives up to 20 mixes on a single charge
  • Includes FREE NUTRiPOD powder storage unit (normally 5.99) 
See what other users have to say about the PROMiXX below... Over half a million customers love PROMiXX! 

    How to Use

    • Fill PROMiXX with liquid (ideal fill =250-450ml/9-16oz)
    • Push button to activate vortex.
    • Pour supplements into spinning vortex.

    Simple Self-cleaning

    1. Add warm water and detergent
    2. Activate Vortex for 5-10 seconds
    3. Remove base unit and rinse bottle

    DO NOT use a scourer or abrasive sponge. NOT dishwasher safe.

    how to use PROMiXX

    Promixx People

    Love my new Promixx IX-R!!!! Never again shall I have a lumpy shake 😁


    Not just for protein shakes 😋 I use my promixx for my official BCAA’s too 🍇 Best invention ever! Just hit the button and whizz it up whenever and wherever baby 🌪

    Pollyanna Isabella

    Promixxis definitely the Worlds #1 Shaker.

    Olga Karavayeva

    Such a good mixer you don’t get any lumps it’s so smooth! I use mine for bcaa’s and protein shakes, so useful👏🏼


    Totally obsessed with the new @promixxmixer iX-R rechargeable vortex mixer. No shaking, no lumps and no leaks! Perfect for protein shakes, pre, intra and post workouts, juices, baby formulas and even scrambled eggs. 👌🏼🙌🏼




    Alexa Bliss - WWE Raw Champion

    I am constantly training or in the gym. My PROMiXX is such a nifty invention for mixing my shakes. So Quick. So Smooth and never leaks!

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