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Manual Protein Shaker Bottles

3 products

3 products

Beautifully engineered

Form meets function with our classic shaker bottles. Designed for silent superior mixing, they’re engineered to meet the demands of your lifestyle and built to last. The innovative modular design ensures easy cleaning.

Choose the best classic shaker bottle for you:

  • PURSUIT: Made from ECOZEN, a carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastics that’s BPA, DEHP and Phosphate free . Perfectly curved contours combine with the integrated carry loop to make it supremely comfortable and convenient to carry.
  • PURSUIT Insulated: Dual-wall vacuum insulated to keep your drinks cool and fresh. Made from ultra tough high-grade stainless steel with a durable powder coated finish. It’s designed for all of life’s adventures. 

Why PROMiXX classic shaker bottles?

Here are a few reasons why our classic shaker bottles are the best:

  • The smoothest shakes: The integrated snap-fit agitator gives you the smoothest shakes. Every time. And there’s no annoying rattling ball.
  • Durable: Our classic shaker bottles are built to last. Impact-resistant ECOZEN and high-grade 18/8 stainless steel are incredibly durable. And the snap-fit agitator won’t deteriorate like rattling balls.
  • Guaranteed leak-proof: The ergonomically designed dynamic sports lid is equipped with ultra-performance seals so you never have to worry about spills or soaked gym bags.
  • Dishwasher safe: We use higher-grade materials that are BPA-free, odor and stain resistant, and super easy to clean.
  • Environmentally friendly: We’re a Carbon Neutral Plus company, and PURSUIT and PURSUIT Insulated are made from materials that are more environmentally friendly than traditional plastics. 

We’ve also got you covered. All of our classic shaker bottles come with a free lifetime warranty.

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