Daniel Ventura

Influencer of the week
Today, we’re catching up with one of our Team PROMiXX buddies, and this week’s undisputed ‘Influencer of the Week’, Daniel Ventura.
The aptly and affectionately nicknamed at PROMiXX HQ as ‘Ke-Man’ … (Incidentally, Daniel may not know about this nickname yet, but we are sure he will appreciate it), Dan is well known in the community as an advocate for the keto diet, and of course, if you don’t already know, Daniel brilliantly portrayed Master of the Universe ‘He-Man’ in a well-loved TV ad!

Daniel is WBFF Pro and also happens to be one of the nicest guys you’ll meet. Daniel knows his stuff, and we always enjoy a catch-up and hearing about how his training is going. We thought we’d share some of Daniel’s expert knowledge with you, so we’ve thrown a few burning questions his way:

Q. What is your ‘go to’ exercise?

I love doing a Barre barbell chest press. This is my favourite and most effective chest exercise. I load an Olympic bar with light weights on each side. Perform a chest press as normal, and when the bar is 1 inch from my chest, I perform small reps spanning 5 inches 5 times then push all the way back to the top of the rep. This concentrates more on the effort at the peak of the contraction for longer ensuring my chest is burning after a set.

Q. What is your cardio exercise of choice and why?

I love the Stairmaster best and for an hour each time at a medium pace. Cardio can be quite catabolic in general whereas climbing stairs doesn’t have that same effect. Each step is like a single leg, leg press which makes it more like endurance resistance exercise. Plus it burns a lot of calories.

Q. Who has influenced and inspired you within the fitness industry?

There’s so many to choose from but to pick one for now; it would be Femi Billyrose. Not only is he a successful physique competitor but also a savvy businessman to boot.

Q. If you could offer readers one piece of dieting advice, what would it be?

Always create a calorie deficit, and use my fitness pal to help you count your calories and track your macros. You could be seriously over or under eating. Neither of which will help with fat loss.

Q. What exercises do you avoid and why?

To mention one would be walking forward lunges. These create enormous pressure on the patella and can cause injury or pain in the knees.

Q. Finish this sentence: For the best results….

Be consistent to the end. 50% effort gets you 50% results.

Q. What carb loaded food do you secretly miss?

Bread. I love a bit of crusty bread with butter! Why is it so good I ask you!

If you want to hear more from PROMiXX Ambassador Daniel Ventura, then check out some of his videos below.

A training program that compliments the keto diet is his 10-40 protocol. ‘A surefire way to get lean in less time’.

If you’re looking for a complete program with a lean bulk and ketogenic diet as well as advanced exercises to push you past plateaus, Dan’s 12-week shredder plan.