The PROMiXX iX is Here

September 17, 2018 2 min read

The PROMiXX iX is Here

Your PROMiXX has been reborn. Like a Phoenix from the flames, the World’s Most Advanced Mixer Bottle has emerged, gloriously evolved and better than ever.

The World’s Most Advanced Mixer Bottle continues to evolve as the PROMiXX iX marks a new era for vortex mixers. The old, poor-quality shaker bottle is a thing of the past, and the mixer bottle is now, and will always be, the way forward.

PROMiXX Presents the PROMiXX iX and iX-R

The iX-R is a Lithium-Ion, High Powered Vortex Mixer. A sleek and stylish design, finished with a stainless steel trim with Pacific Blue details and the genius of the scientifically-engineered, blunt blade. This is a ‘must-have’ gadget for all health and fitness enthusiasts.

The PROMiXX iX features a battery-powered blunt-blade for a smooth shake in seconds. Will you choose Alpine White with Pacific Blue detail orCity Grey with Pacific Blue detail?


The Evolution of PROMiXX

PROMiXX founder and CEO, Joe Faulkner-Edwards, came up with the idea of the vortex mixer after years of settling for the poor quality shaker bottles that constantly leaked and that were essentially damaging the delicate structures of whey protein. PROMiXX - The Original Vortex Mixer was born. Now, several years on with a few upgrades along the way, we unveil the iX to the World.

What’s so Swanky About the iX and the iX-R?

The new PROMiXX is, by far, our sexiest mixer to date. The slick and stylish design is every bit as suave as it is functional.

The new design features:

Rechargeable Lithium ion Battery (iX-R)
2xAAA Battery-Powered Protein Shaker Mixer for Use on the Go (iX)
Quick and Easy to Clean
NUTRiPOD Compatible (iX)
Integrated NUTRiPOD (iX-R)
Detachable Base and Powerful Motor
Ergonomic Sports Lid with Flip Cap
Ultra-Performance Seals - Guaranteed Leak-Proof

    Where others try to imitate, PROMiXX continues to innovate, inspire and educate. This is where vortex mixing technology began and this is where it lives.