The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Meditation
Have you ever tried closing your eyes for 10 minutes and stop thinking? If you did, you know exactly what I mean when I say it’s nearly impossible. Meditation is not easy at first but it’s really not about stopping...
Beginners Guide to Yoga
All you need to know to get started You don’t have to be a yogi to reap the benefits of yoga. And no, you don’t even need to be flexible. The true practice of yoga begins with a desire to...
Best Exercise For Weightloss
What is the best exercise to get into the shape of your life. It’s a question that is probably second only to what diet will get me into my best shape ever! In this post we will look at pros...
A Beginner's Guide To Nutrition
Understanding nutrition is the key to longevity and a healthy life, however, with SO much information out there it can, at times, seem a little daunting. To quote Robert Urich “A healthy outside starts with a healthy inside” In this...
Ingredients To Avoid In Protein Powder
Protein shakes, check the small print for a perfect supplement to your diet   Not all protein supplements are equal! When considering protein supplements it is very easy to just look at the macros on the box (Protein, Carbs & Fats)...
Immunity Boosting Protein Shake Recipe
Now more than ever, it is important to look after your health, over the coming weeks we will be adding delicious, nutritious smoothie recipes.  Let’s start off with a hearty, natural energy booster, The Lean Green smoothie: 1/2 banana⁠ 1/4...
7 Foods to Include in any Healthy Diet

There are certain foods that are so good for you and that offer so many health and nutrition benefits that, simply adding plenty of these to your daily diet plan, will help you to maintain a healthy diet.

Here at PROMiXX, we have out together a list of 7 foods that should be the staple of any healthy diet plan.

Best Fitness Apps 2019
With so many apps on the market, it can sometimes be hard to know which one is right for you. We have taken a look at the best health and fitness apps available right now and worked out their benefits, so you don’t have to.
What is 'Hot Yoga'?
The practice of yoga has been around for over five-thousand years, but the idea of ‘hot yoga’ is relatively new. Put simply, hot yoga involves performing traditional yoga movements and routines with the additional feature of a hot (and sometimes humid) room. Founded by Bikram Choudhury in the 1970s, hot yoga is now practised in cities all over the world, generally in rooms between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius.
Healthy Protein Pancakes Recipe

In recognition and sweet, tasty celebration of tomorrow being Shrove Tuesday (known in some countries including the UK) as ‘Pancake Day’  - We thought we would throw together some healthy protein pancake recipes for you.

Here in the PROMiXX kitchen, we have been experimenting and whipping up mountains of delicious protein pancakes. Check out some of our faves…

Three Surprisingly Effective Ways to Accomplish Your Goals in 2019
Here at PROMiXX HQ, we have dubbed this year #DoThousand19 (The year of DOING), and, although we don’t mean to assume that you have already lost sight of your goals for this year, we are here to help you get back on track (or stay on track) with these 3 Surprisingly Effective Ways to Accomplish Your Goals in 2019.
Dan Ventura's Keto Meal Plan
If you're considering taking on the ketogenic diet then, WBFF Pro, and Friend of PROMiXX, Dan Ventura is the font of all knowledge. This week, we have been quizzing Dan on what to eat and what not to eat on keto and he has shared his keto meal plan with us! 
Everything You Need To Know About Undenatured Whey Protein
With an increasing number of people developing a better understanding of how whey protein can benefit them, PROMiXX are here to help you get well and truly clued up with a lesson in undenatured whey.
Promixx Vs Voltrx - Which Blender Is The Best?
The PROMiXX iX-R is the World’s Most Advanced protein mixer bottle. Completed with a fully, USB rechargeable lithium ion battery and finished with the most stunning and beautiful design. This is just 1 of 10 reasons to choose PROMiXX.
The Truth About Keto

The Ketogenic diet is the ‘in’ diet right now. Loved by the stars, endorsed by health websites, and debated on endless talk shows.

The Question on Every Dieter’s Lips: Is the Keto Diet Safe and Effective?

Why We're The Best Protein Shaker In The World
If you are looking for a  protein shaker bottle, you have come to the right place. You have found the World’s Best Protein Shaker. This is the home of PROMiXX, the original and the best vortex mixer bottle on the market. A far cry from the typical plastic protein shakers that so many people found themselves settling for, for decades.
PROMiXX: Fuelling Nutrition and Workouts
This week at PROMiXX HQ, we have been chatting to fitness blogger Jack Sultana, Long term fan of PROMiXX protein shaker bottles, Jack swears by his PROMiXX iX-R and ere he tells us why in his PROMiXX Mixer review. Jack says his PROMiXX fuels his nutrition and his workouts.
2019: The Year of Doing
A new year is upon us and as always, not all of us feel fully prepared for it. We have every intention of setting goals, resolutions and targets, and becoming the amazing, motivated and driven people that we would like to be, but New Year's Day arrives and here we are, for the most part, feeling exactly the same as we did yesterday.
Healthy Chocolate Tart with Almond Crust Recipe
Chocolate Tart with an Almond Crust using the Best Protein Shaker Bottle, the PROMiXX iX-R brought to you by the gorgeous and talented Amie Forster @fitnessforster - Check out Amie's Instagram for more delicious and healthy recipes!
Gym New Years Resolutions
Here we go again - eyes roll almost to the back of the head -  as we contemplate the wave of ‘New Year, New Me’ ditherers that are about to come out of the woodwork as January 1st looms.
Happy Holidays from PROMiXX
Seasons Greetings from all of us here at PROMiXX. We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and we are sending Big Love out to you all!