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If you’ve been around the fitness industry for even a few hours, you’ll undoubtedly be aware of the enormous range of supplements and protein powders available on the market. Visit your local fitness goods retailer or gym, and you’re likely to find an entire shelf of protein shakes, protein powders and potions designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, and get amped up for a workout.

Most of these supplements come in powdered form, and the old-fashioned way of taking them would involve shovelling a couple of scoopfuls into a manual protein shaker bottle, doing your best cocktail-artist impersonation, and trying to gulp down the clumpy, sludgy mess that you’ve just created.

It’s hardly surprising that new technologies are now being used more and more often to get the job done better and more easily.

Among the available alternatives, PROMiXX Vortex Mixers are the king of the hill. This article will give you a few scientific reasons why.

Vortex Mixers Are the Laboratory Gold Standard

Vortex mixers — whether in the form of magnetic stirrers (ideally suited to non-viscous liquids) or overhead stirrers (ideally suited to viscous liquids) are standard issue in biochemistry labs across the world, where sensitive solutions need to be mixed with special care.

Vortex mixers in their earliest, least sophisticated forms, have been around since as early as 1917 when Richard Stringer went for an electrical, magnetic “drink mixer”

The science behind their use is well researched, well understood, and reliable.

Of course, PROMiXX Vortex Mixers are bringing the consumer side of this technology well and truly into the 21st Century.


protein shaker vortex mixer

Vortex Mixers Make Your Supplements Taste Better

Blenders are harsh on our food — that should come as no surprise considering we’re talking about devices literally designed to slice and tear things apart with high-speed metal blades.

A lesser-known side-effect of resorting to this harsh technique, however, is the denaturing of protein — a known consequence of mechanical force. This denaturing results in a loss of flavour quality.

In fact, at least one 2017 study published in Food Quality and Preference looked specifically at heat-denatured whey protein and found that the longer the heating times for the whey, the poorer the taste experience, and the higher the risk of mouth-drying.

Powerful blenders can easily generate excess heat which can have a negative effect on the blended substance, especially during lengthy blend cycles.

Vortex mixers, by contrast, avoid both mechanical and heat damage to a supplement, by creating a gentle (but effective) liquid vortex.


protein shaker vortex mixer

Vortex Mixers Create a Perfectly Smooth Mix in Record Time

Research conducted on vortex mixing methods in lab settings and published in the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometryfound that vortex mixing was a remarkably effective and fast method of creating homogeneous, thin, and consistent solutions. Specifically, the desired effect in the lab example was achieved within 10 seconds of mixing.

Anyone who’s tried the old-school handheld shaker method of mixing their supplements knows the pain of having to choke down an uneven mixture, including partially mixed clumps of powder.

Vortex mixing can make that little irritation a thing of the distant past.


protein shaker bottle vortex mixer

Vortex Mixers Might Protect Micronutrients in Your Supplements

Data from the Sage Juicer Comparison Trials 2012/2013conducted by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute found that blending vegetables, as opposed to juicing them, resulted in substantially lower concentrations of various vitamins and minerals in the finished product.

Among other things, the 2013 trial reported that the blended vegetables contained only 40% - 65% of the Beta Carotene, Potassium, Alpha Carotene, and Vitamin C of the juiced vegetables.

There are various arguments for why this result might occur, with one of the most compelling being the duration and force of the blender cause oxidation in the vitamins and minerals.

As vortex mixers work rapidly (as described above) and are gentler than blenders, this suggests that using one might also be a great way of preserving the micronutrients in your supplements. After all, what’s the point of all those added vitamins and minerals if you’re not even absorbing them? 


There you have it. Vortex mixers are the perfect, lab-endorsed system for preparing your sports supplements of choice. They mix smooth, consistent solutions in a hurry. They improve the taste of your supplements. They’re even likely to protect the nutritional content of those supplements.

And, in the case of the PROMiXX, they also look really cool and are endorsed and used by a wide range of top-class athletes.

Of course, there are other reasons why the PROMiXX should be your go-to vortex mixer. The PROMiXX is entirely portable, meaning that you can mix up your supplements on the go, whenever you need. It’s 100% leak-proof – meaning you never again have to splash a protein shake down your shirt in public. And, if you buy the new MiiXR, you can even charge your phone off your device while training.

So, the only real question is… why haven’t you bought one yet?


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