Happy Holidays from PROMiXX
Seasons Greetings from all of us here at PROMiXX. We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and we are sending Big Love out to you all!
Gym Gift 2018
Buying fitness gifts for gym-lovers can leave you feeling exhausted. so we have done all the leg work for you. Shop now for the PROMiXX Vortex Mixer Protein Shaker Bottle.
Christmas Fitness
Here at PROMiXX, we have no intention or desire to spoil your fun or tell you not to enjoy the festivities, but we are going to help you not to lose sight of your goals this December. The trouble is, Christmas is often used as an excuse - And we are not interested in excuses, right?
The Best Vortex Mixer in the World. Ever!
2018 has seen the release of the PROMiXX iX Series. The world's most advanced protein mixer bottles. From the innovators and THE original creators of vortex mixing technology comes the PROMiXX iX and the PROMiXX iX-R.
Four Great Getaways for Running Enthusiasts

You can now use your precious holiday time to challenge yourself and achieve great things, and luckily for you running and fitness enthusiasts, your itchy feet can find the challenge they desire with these four unique running holidays.

Easy Indoor Exercises
For those of you, who like to hang up their running shoes in the winter and don’t want to pay for the overpriced gym around the corner, we’ve thought of some easy indoor exercises which don’t require any gym equipment or a rain mac.
Healthy Halloween Treats
Halloween is all about the silliness and spookiness … and, of course,  the sticky, sugary sumptuousness of all those delicious halloween treats, but, hold up! One of the most frightful things about Halloween is the calorie and sugar content of the sweet treats.
Let's Talk About Mental Health
It’s thought that in the UK, around 16 million people suffer with a form of mental health illness. That’s 1 in 4 people. Despite this unbelievably high figure, very few people feel comfortable discussing their mental wellbeing. It has been a huge underlying problem which for many years has been a taboo subject and left undiscussed.
Actors Who Completely Transformed Their Bodies For A Role
There is no denying that acting is a craft, and actors at the top of their game are often required to go to extremes to get in to character. Today, Team PROMiXX are taking a look at some of the most impressive body transformations from the World of cinema.
Tim Chase - Influencer of the Week
Fitness Model & PT After finishing his degree in sports and exercise science, Tim Chase became a qualified PT and went on to compete in various fitness model competitions around the world. With years of experience under his belt, he...
The PROMiXX iX is Here
The World’s Most Advanced Mixer Bottle continues to evolve as the PROMiXX iX marks a new era for vortex mixers. The old, poor-quality shaker bottle is a thing of the past, and the mixer bottle is now, and will always be, the way forward.
PROMiXX Kitchen Breakfast Shakes
It’s a morning feast up in the PROMiXX kitchen as we quickly walk you through two totally-easy breakfast protein shakes. The Banana and Honey Shake and the Orange Protein Shake. Both will fill a hole and give you the energy you need to go be awesome that day.
Choco-Chia Raspberry Protein Shake
Who else has a hankering for something sweet? Team PROMiXX are at it again. We are creating magic in the PROMiXX kitchen, this time in the form of the chocolatey delight that is the PROMiXX Choco-Chia Raspberry Shake.
Two of the Best Vanilla Protein Shakes
We are whirling up some super-yum, super-healthy shakes and snacks in the PROMiXX Kitchen. This week, we’ve got vanilla on the brain as we walk you through two awesome vanilla protein shakes. 
Intermittent Fasting
Find out the 7 core benefits of intermittent fasting from fat loss to living longer, and you may not believe benefit number 2.
PROMiXX Recipes: Strawberries and Cream Protein Shake

It’s recipe time here at PROMiXX HQ!

This week at PROMiXX HQ, we are whizzing up a delicious protein treat. Whoever said that protein shakes had to be boring?! 

21 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes from Women
To recognise, and more importantly celebrate the fantastic strides being made by women across all industries for equality, we at PROMiXX HQ wanted to give a huge shout out to the inspirational women
A Beginner's Guide to Crossfit
Crossfit is a fitness and training program that combines functional movements and varied and challenging workouts to build strength and improve body conditioning.
Glutathione the master antioxidant
Glutathione is a master antioxidant that we produce within our cells. Finding a whey protein supplement with glutathione precursors encourages glutathione production
The Keto Diet - A Beginners Guide
Discover how you can make the ketogenic diet work for you. The low carbohydrate and high fat diet will have your body burning fat all the time, even when you're sleeping.
YouTube Masterclass
What does it take to be an über successful YouTuber? Would you like to know how to grow your audience? MattDoesFitness & BusyBeeCarys spill the beans.