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This week at PROMiXX HQ, we have been chatting to fitness blogger Jack Sultana, Long term fan of PROMiXX protein shaker bottles, Jack swears by his PROMiXX iX-R and here he tells us why in his PROMiXX Mixer review. Jack says his PROMiXX fuels his nutrition and his workouts:

Jack writes...

With more and more supplements coming onto the market, the need for a tool that allows you to use your supplements with ease is vital. Enter the Promixx iX-R.

In the past, many people opted for the classic plastic protein shaker with a metal mesh ball inside. Sure, these can work but in terms of protein shakes, often leave you with a clump of unmixed powder at the bottom of the shaker.

The PROMiXX iX-R has been specifically designed as a vortex blender, meaning anything in the stainless steel trimmed bottle will be caught in the vortex and will most definitely be mixed to perfection - no chance of any sticking or clumping! I have been using my model for post-workout protein shakes, which has worked a treat. The blender handles the thick powder with ease and has no issue mixing either water or milk.

Although a major usage for the PROMiXX mixers is for mixing protein shakes post-workout it has also been used in my ownership as a perfect way to consume my pre-workout formulas right before training. The handy storage compartment within the main section of the shaker allows for storage of around a scoop of whey or a few smaller scoops of BCAAS / pre-workout formulas. Previously I had to mix my pre-workouts at home, with the formulas usually having an instant effect the closer you can use them to your training time, so since using the PROMiXX, I have been able to have it right before my workouts which has led to better performance in the gym.

I've mainly used mine for training related purposes, but there's no reason why you couldn't take the PROMiXX into the kitchen. It is a mixer after all! I've toyed with the idea of making pancake mixture using it, I've yet to try it out but the high-powered motor should have no problem mixing a couple of eggs together (haven't tested this one though).

I love the portability of the mixer, this is by far its biggest selling point and is the reason I've ditched the conventional protein shakers. It is cordless and can be charged at home via USB and mixed on the go, making it perfect for a mid-day snack at work. I've had colleagues praise the PROMiXX and ask where I got it. I've directed them towards PROmiXX as I can vouch for their models, I still own the original PROMiXX mixer and can't wait to continue using the new iX-R model.

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