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PROMiXX are the original creators of the world’s most advanced sports nutrition bottle and, we were the first to set the new standard of protein shaker bottle with the innovation of vortex mixing technology.

With so many protein shaker bottles available, it can be daunting choosing the right one and you could be easily convinced to opt for a poor-quality, low-cost protein shaker bottle but, you have found us, and we are here to tell you why PROMiXX is the only choice.

Here are 10 Reasons you shouldn’t settle for anything less than PROMiXX:

  1. Made by Athletes for Athletes

PROMiXX Vortex Mixers were created when the founder of the company and an avid health and fitness enthusiast was training for the Olympics. As a regular user of protein shakes, he was frustrated with the poor performance of his plastic protein shaker and was determined to find a better solution.

After many months of working and liaising with other athletes, he found that there was a pressing need for a sports mixing bottle that better performed, that would last more than a few uses, that was of sound quality and that would look good. After countless months following his vision and working with designers and fellow athletes, PROMiXX was born.

Now, many years on, PROMiXX is the mixer bottle of choice for some of the World’s top athletes.  

  1. A Genuine Improvement on an Already Existing Product

Sports nutrition is a huge market and the community is one of the most committed. When you consider that the industry is worth billions, it’s unfathomable to believe that the low quality plastic shaker bottle was the set standard for so many protein shake users.

Protein shaker bottles are undoubtedly a ‘must have’ for anyone that takes their fitness and nutrition seriously. PROMiXX came through and smashed all expectations of the product. It completely outshone all existing shaker bottles on the market.

But, that was then. It is easy to believe that, as the original creators of vortex mixing technology and the first to create a vortex mixer bottle, that PROMiXX would take the sports nutrition world by storm. They were no similar products to rival the success of PROMiXX. The standard shaker bottles were so inferior that they could not be compared to PROMiXX. The market is now saturated with several lookalike products and other weird and wonderful creations and, despite the surge of new brands that claim to be the only way to mix protein shakes, PROMiXX still stand strong as the front runner and the first choice for 750,000 users worldwide.

  1. Relentless Design Evolution

Not content with simply providing people with a mixer bottle worlds apart from those that already existed, the passionate and dedicated team of design and engineering experts (and self-confessed gadget geeks) at PROMiXX embarked on an endless mission of constant design evolution. PROMiXX continues to improve with every new model, with every piece of customer/user feedback and every new revolution in materials or electronics - Anything we can add to the design to improve it, will either be in discussion or already in the works.

From the more humble beginnings of PROMiXX, The Original Vortex Mixer in black, and the subsequent releases of the same bottle in two different colour options, hot pink and arctic white - Up to the newly released PROMiXX iX-R, the most advanced mixer bottle on the planet - PROMiXX is always one step ahead of the competition with our vision, foresight and original designs.

Our bottles and nutri blenders cannot be rivalled. No limitations and no imitations!

The Evolution of PROMiXX

The PROMiXX Original Vortex Mixer - High Gloss Black

The very beginning of PROMiXX saw just one product, The Original PROMiXX (battery powered protein mixer), hit the market, testing the waters. The success was astronomical as the health and fitness community received the mixer with high praise, the word quickly spread and demand grew.

The PROMiXX Original Vortex Mixer - Arctic White or Hot Pink

After the PROMiXX was widely accepted and the bottle was in such high demand, the company released two more colour options of the same bottle. Arctic White and Hot Pink - both quickly became popular choices.


Never content with simple brilliance, the innovators at PROMiXX continued to make improvements to the design. This relentless need for design and technology evolution lead to the creation of the PROMiXX 2.0 - The world’s first fully rechargeable vortex mixer. Even more powerful with a long lasting USB rechargeable motor, the 2.0 marked a critical turning point for PROMiXX.

PROMiXX iX Series

2018 witnessed the launch of the latest evolution of PROMiXX. The PROMiXX iX Series. The launch saw the addition of three new products to the PROMiXX range of mixers.

PROMiXX iX - Alpine White and PROMiXX iX - City Grey

The PROMiXX iX is the new and stylised version of the PROMiXX Original. With a more modern and slick design and new and improved materials, the PROMiXX iX is available in Alpine White or City Grey.


The PROMiXX iX-R is the World’s Most Advanced protein mixer bottle. Completed with a fully, USB rechargeable lithium ion battery and finished with the most stunning and beautiful design.

The PROMiXX iX-R features a 200 ml NUTRiPOD (nutritional storage pod) that fits inside the bottle and can stay fitted while you drink.

  1. Smoother, Better Tasting Shakes

The genius of PROMiXX lies within its unique, patented X blade. The spinning plastic blade was specifically designed to create a vortex inside the bottle when powered up - This mixes smooth, frothy shakes in an instant. The problem with metal blades is that, although you will get a smooth consistency, the delicate protein structures within protein powder/whey protein will face irrevocable damage. The PROMiXX X-Blade was created to preserve micronutrient integrity and ultimately, leave you with with a smoother and better tasting shake with absolutely no lumps.

  1. Convenient - Shakes on the go

The PROMiXX iX-R is complete with a 200ml storage pod (NUTRiPOD), that sits flush inside the protein shaker bottles and, in this new and even more advanced model, through-flow technology allows for drinking while the NUTRiPOD is fitted. What this essentially means is that users can have two of the days’ shakes on the go - One already mixed and the powder for the next helping stored inside. The NUTRiPOD can stay inside while drinking and the powder will stay dry.

The PROMiXX is 100% leak-proof so travelling with shakes already mixed won’t cause any problems.

PROMiXX was designed to make your life easier.

  1. No More Shaking. No More Lumps. No More Leaks

PROMiXX stands proudly and confidently by our slogan ‘No More Shaking, No More Lumps, No More Leaks’. This is so much more than a slogan - it’s a company promise. The spinning X-Blade moves at 1600 rpm and mixes super-smooth shakes at the touch f a button - No shaking required. The protein mixer bottle is 100% leak-proof so, unlike conventional shaker bottles, the PROMiXX will not leave protein shake splatter all over you while you use it or leak all inside your gym bag. Vortex mixing technology ensures, absolutely no lumps - and the powerful motor and X- blade gives you more options, you can try adding a mashed banana or crushed raspberries to your protein shake mix and still - No Lumps!

  1. So Easy to Use and Clean

Expertly designed with the user in mind, PROMiXX is super-easy to use. Simply fill with liquid, activate the vortex at the push of a button, pour in your powdered supplements while the blade is spinning and secure the lid. Let the blade spin for 5-10 seconds and switch the button off. You will have a creamy and frothy, lump-free mix in seconds! You can also choose to add banana, honey, berries, whatever is to your liking - You will find some great protein shake recipe ideas on the PROMiXX blog and Youtube Channel.

One of the most unpleasant problems with the poor quality shaker bottles is the smell that can linger even after washing them. Cheap plastic holds the smell of sour milk and the bottles are a nuisance to clean thoroughly. PROMiXX is self-cleaning! All that is required is to add some warm water and a drop of detergent, hit the power button and the vortex will take care of the rest.

  1. The Best Materials

The lingering sour milk smell was a real downside of the now-dated plastic shaker bottles. This was down to the low quality, low budget materials used. PROMiXX uses odour-resistant materials. The plastic is BPA and DEHP-free. PROMiXX Mixers are a labour of love - they have been designed with you in mind and our engineers strive to bring you a high end product that performs, lasts and looks good.

You only need to hold a PROMiXX in your hand to understand why it is the best, and why our designers are the industry leaders.

  1. Get More Out of Your Protein Supplements

Adding a daily dietary whey protein into your diet and fitness regime boasts a wealth of health benefits to all. Whey has, for a long time, been considered something only for bodybuilders - This isn’t so. More and more people from various lifestyles and disciplines are now taking whey protein for a variety of reasons. It is no secret that the supermarket shelves are flooded with inferior whey protein products and that, in order to truly reap the health-enhancing benefits, you must invest in a high-quality undenatured whey protein - one which is not the by-product of cheesemaking process.

It is important, when using a high quality whey protein product, that you are not falling at the last hurdle. If you are going to invest in a premium whey protein then it is paramount that you use a premium mixer. The plastic blade and vortex mixing technology will leave the delicate sub-proteins within whey protein fully intact ensuring that you are getting more out of your protein shake.

It may not seem that that can make a huge difference or be massively beneficial, but when you consider that you are using these products at least once a day - that all adds up.

  1. Team PROMiXX!

Since initial conception, PROMiXX has grown and become so much more than just a mixer bottle or just a brand. We are deeply rooted in the health and fitness community, particularly online. We share influence with some of the biggest names on social media. We collaborate regularly with exercise and diet bloggers and we are supported by and endorsed by celebrities and World class, famous athletes. We use our expertise and our love, enthusiasm and passion for fitness and positive healthy lifestyles to lead, inspire and teach. The PROMiXX blog is a thriving hub of information, tips, stories and information.

Our YouTube Channel, with over 8,000 subscribers is always fresh with the latest Ambassador visit to PROMiXX HQ or a new and inspired healthy protein shake recipe and anything else you can think of.

That’s not all,

PROMiXX offer free worldwide shipping and we have a dedicated customer care team on hand. If you have any questions or queries then drop us a line on and we will be sure to come back to you as soon as possible. You can also connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Need any more help or convincing?

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